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Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: Why don’t Shibali products have sulphates or parabens in them?  


Shibali products do not contain sulphates or parabens as our products do not require them. Our surfactants and preservatives are of natural sources, not from chemical bases.                                                                                                                                            


Q: Do you need sulphates in products for thorough cleansing? 


  No. Sulphate bases Sodium laureth sulphate, Sodium lauryl sulphate, Ammonium lareth sulphate and Myreth sulphate are the chemical surfactant / detergent agents in cosmetic and cleaning products. Our Shibali products do not require the use of these sulphates; our cleansing bases are derived from natural sources.                              


Q: Do you need parabens in products?   


No. Parabens are an artificial preserve and are used for the longevity of a products shelf life. In the Shibali products we do not need or use parabens. Our preservatives are of 100% certified organic constituents, and each product may vary in its natural certified preserve.           


Q: Are Shibali hair products gluten and nut free?  


All Shibali products are gluten free. Our Truth or Dare® bath soaks do contain avena sativa which is not a gluten based product, although the avena sativa ingredient could be processed with wheat based products, if gluten intolerant, we recommend the rock salts for a tub or foot soak. All of the NitzBeGone® hair care range is nut free. Most of the shibali products are nut free. Each product label states what it is free from. 


Q: Do the shampoos foam a lot?


  Not in the first instance, the shampoo being sulphate free. However after the second shampoo, depending upon how much build up is on the hair, you do get foam and can be quite a lot, a little bit like Santa Clause foam! There is a transitional period using the sulphate and paraben free shampoos, this is normal as your hair and scalp are being de-coated from paraben & silicone coatings on the hair shaft and scalp.  


Q: Can sulphate and paraben free products affect my tint & highlights?


No, they are actually 100% better for your hair, cleansing without the harsh detergent surfactants, your hair is healthier, stronger and fuller. Not depositing parabens or silicones, your hair shaft is able to regulate efficient colour control, deposit and retention. 


Q: Do I need to use much product when shampooing?  


Not generally, however this would depend on hair thickness, length and how much you use.  


Q: Are the Shibali products more expensive than other shampoos and conditioners?  


The Shibali skin, hair and body care products are great value for money, our products are quite concentrated enabling you to use less and lasting longer.        


Q: Are the Shibali products environmentally safe?


Yes, the Shibali products are eco friendly, biodegradable, PET packaging and recyclable.


Q: Do you do animal testing?  


No!  We do not believe in animal cruelty!    


Q: Are Shibali products Australian made and owned?  


Yes, our skin, hair, and body care products are 100% Australian made and owned. 


Q: Can I buy Shibali products in larger sizes?


Yes, we do cater selected products in larger sizes for your convenience, see within.  Email;


Q: Does your makeup contain talc? - I’m allergic to talc!  


No, our pure mineral makeup comes from the finest minerals possible. So when processed, talc doesn’t need to be added as bulk filler.                                                                                                                          


Q: Can sulphate and paraben free shampoo products lighten my hair?  


No, they don’t have the capacity to be able to lighten the hair as a colour lightener does, although your hair will feel and look lighter, bouncier, and amazingly shiny, this is due to being cleaner and not having parabens and silicones recoating your hair making it heavy and dull.  


Q: Do Shibali products have an expiry time?  


Yes they do, we recommend all products to be used within the stated expiry date, usually 3 - 6 months after opening, 12 - 36mths for Truth Or Dare mineral makeup®. Shibali products are made from organic, botanical and mineral ingredients.      


Q: Do I need to shake my products before I use them?  


We do recommend a gentle shake, this helps with the removal of any air bubbles that can occur in pumps and sprays. (be sure to have product container closed before shaking)


 Q: Do your prices include GST?


 For all orders within Australia, all prices are inclusive of GST.


Q: Do you sell outside of Australia?


 For any orders outside of Australia, please email with your order to obtain a postage quote.


 Q:Do you have a shop I can visit or phone number I can call?


At this stage we are a complete online business so do not have a shop that you can visit. However, we do have a number of stockists. You can view our stockist list here. If you would like to speak to someone, please email your details to and one of our Sales Representatives will give you a call.