Choose A Free Product & Gift Wrap Your Special Bundle

Choose A Free Product & Gift Wrap Your Special Bundle

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Displayed is a beautiful collection of our gorgeous Shibali products to delight and indulge every need. Our photo products here, are suitable for sensitive to anti-ageing, dry and mature age skin types. Each product is careful packaged with our unique formulations for skin hydration and repair. Shibali products are jammed packed with plant nourishing ingredients for cell restore and skin protection. Our product properties include various vitamins from A - Z, omegas 3, 6 & 9 and minerals all designed for the skins goodness as well as skin and hair necessity of optimal pH balance requirements.

Have some fun shopping a gift bundle for someone special or for yourself! 

Click and chose above to have your gift bundle boxed or wrapped OR we can choose it for you ~ it would be our absolute pleasure! x 

Gifts come boxed / wrapped, ribbons/ties/ bows with filling and a choice of a free gift. 

A small charge does apply however we guarantee that you and your gift/s are well looked after.

NOTE: If you are shopping for multiple gifts and wish to have them custom wrapped individually please click and select for number of gifts other wise our awesome Shibali team will see your order and custom wrap as one. 

Shibali products are free from sulphates, parabens, gluten, nut and marine derivatives. Vegan friendly* Absolutely no animal testing.

*Brow Creme contains beeswax