As a Remedial Massage Therapist for over 20 years, I have used Shibali Heat and Relief Cream every working day since it was first produced. Shibali Heat and Relief Creme provides a soothing and relaxing experience for tired and sore muscles at a reasonable price.I recommend Shibali Heat and Relief Creme to other massage therapists, sports people and anyone with muscle soreness young and old. 

Patricia Steward - Marvelous Massage, Tamworth

As a young male, products like Shibali's are usually what I worry about when buying for myself. My partner introduced me to Shibali products and I have been using them ever since then. I mainly use the heat and relief creme for my muscle aches and pains after playing sport or a long day on my feet. The Balance and Shine Shampoo is easy to use and gets all of the sweat and oil out of my hair and leaves me feeling fresh and clean after a big day. I recommend Shibali products to everyone, man, woman, young and old.

Lachlan Perry - Undergraduate Criminology Student, Armidale

Hi there, firstly want to say thank you.  Must tell you, some of my friends have made comments about my skin, saying how good it looks!  I told them about the Shibali creams that I am using and they have asked for the shibali website.  I have really liked the creams and the fragrance, they are non greasy and feel good!  My daughter as well is keen to order some products. Thank you Shibali for making a difference to my skin. 

Sue - Customer from NSW