Fantastic, you are here. Welcome! 

I'm continuously super chuffed. I love it! That buzzy little shuffle you want to do when a customer walks in, the butterflies in the belly, or like meeting an old friend: I am indisputably grateful, so thanks so much for stopping by. 

Without bias, I would have to say our Shibali organic products are unique to use; applying is a cinch, and the results truly speak for themselves with optimal benefits and multiple uses.

I started Shibali in 2008, with a necessity to help myself with allergen issues and my darling family. Having a background in organics and sustainable living, Shibali was then birthed. Proudly a homegrown Australian-made and owned business located in our gorgeous rural region, Tamworth, NSW.

I love what we do here at Shibali and what we stand for. I am pretty passionate about helping people. If you want to visit in person, we have a beautiful quaint studio that you are welcome to pop into either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. or make an appointment outside these hours. Please drop me a call, and I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Love Leonie xx


Our natural products are organically herbaceous cosmetics with soft, gentle textures that provide deep hydration, repair in unbound rejuvenation, and daily protection to the nearest and dearest -your skin and hair. 

Creating our organic plant-based products was essential to me, and an everyday skin-pampering luxury was made, certainly without compromises, with only the finest quality ingredients and lavishes of Shibali's renowned and adorning fragrances. Significantly to our everyday therapeutic product use, they continue to holistically aid in combating many skin issues: makeup compatibility, helping to soothe the simplest of dry skin, flaky and itchy skin and scalp, oily skin, sensitive skin, soften and support aged skin, settling allergen skin, acne, eczema and dermatitis skin, additionally in the rid of head lice and eggs with our NitzBeGone products adding relief to your family's day.

Shibali ethically stands by its cruelty-free policy with no animal testing ~only the human sort~ nor do our products contain animal derivatives. We are a cruelty-free company and genuinely care about what returns to the environment. Shibali prides itself on its natural, biodegradable, and waterway-safe constituents. Shibali products are free of sulphate, paraben, nut, gluten, marine, nano-particle, talc, phthalates, toluene, and formaldehyde.  

Our packaging is ergonomically designed for comfort use and handling. Again, It was imperative that, as a company, we contribute to the 'solution' of plastic waste and not the problem. We use agronomical and biodegradable packaging; all of our packaging is recyclable and can be applied to upcycle.  

At Shibali, we love what we do, our customers, and our Mother Earth, so we guarantee that we always aim to strive to our utmost best. x


Our Philosophy

Shibali believes it’s simple… We help you to enjoy healthier skin and hair without the environmental impacts.

We believe in simplicity and that beauty doesn't have to be compounded or burdened with complicated chemical-based products.

Shibali put simply… beautiful products caring for you and your family.


Our Mission

Shibali’s mission is our promise to you.

Here at Shibali, it is about commitment to our valued clients, and providing friendly and helpful customer service. Promoting and practicing positive, ethical business policies within our industry.

We continually research, conduct product trials, test for optimal skin compatibility, and constantly strive for the very best in skin, hair, and body care products whilst maintaining the utmost professional standards. 

We don't believe in animal testing as Shibali supports cruelty-free.

We provide sustainable packaging; biodegradable ingredients and recyclable containers, all helping to reduce the impacts on the environment.

Our Shibali products are:

- #1. Produced with love and care.

- #2. Curated only the best in skin and hair aid.

- Australian Made.

- Australian Owned.

- pH Balanced.

- Vegan.

- Cruelty-free.

- NO Sulphates, parabens, glutens, nut or marine.

- NO Nanoparticles, talc, or phthalates.

- NO Toluene or formaldehyde.

- This is a smidgen of what we don't use, the 'NO' list continues here at Shibali!

At Shibali we continue to evolve in both nature and science, constantly caring for you and your skin as well as our Mother Earth. x