About Us

Shibali is proudly an Australian made and owned family business, established since 2008. Shibali creates beautiful products providing an abundance of therapeutic goodness, handcrafted from organics and botanicals, diversely catering to different ages, hair and skin types. Shibali’s natural products provide you with a pampering the whole family can enjoy at an affordable cost. With only the finest quality ingredients used; vitamins, minerals, omegas and proteins transports the benefits of repair and pledging undiluted hydration and lavishes of our adorning fragrances, we are humbled to offer to you Shibali’s unique Australian made and owned natural cosmetics products. Our Shibali organic and botanical products have helped and continue to holistically help address many skin issues whether it’s with allergies, acne, eczema, dermatitis or just plain difficult hair.

We care about what we use on our skin and hair, on our family's skin and hair as well as what we put back into the environment, Shibali prides itself in being able to contribute to this with their natural plant-based products.  

We are an Australian owned and made company, all of our products are sulphate, paraben, gluten, nut and marine free. We don't do nor believe in animal testing. We use agronomical and biodegradable packaging as well as ergonomically designed for the comfort of handling and use. 

At Shibali we love what we do and we love our customers, we guarantee to you that we aim to strive to our utmost best always.


Shibali's Philosophy

Our philosophy is “simple”  we are proud of our products, helping you to enjoy healthy skin and hair without the environmental impacts.

At Shibali we believe in beauty and that everybody is uniquely beautiful. Shibali is dedicated in formulating and creating healthier skin, hair and body care cosmetic products for women, children and men of all ages and lifestyles.

We believe in simplicity, beauty doesn't have to be compounded and burdened with complicated chemical based products. Shibali products are a combination of organic and botanical, naturally derived ingredients, beneficially providing for you and your family's skin, hair and body care, cosmetic requirements.

Shibali ~ Beautiful products handcrafted with love and care.


Shibali's Mission

Our mission is our promise to you.

At Shibali it is about commitment for our valued clients. Providing friendly and helpful customer service, promoting and practicing positive, ethical business policies within our industry.

We continually research, conduct product trials, testing for optimal skin compatibility, constantly striving for the very best in skin, hair and body care products whilst maintaining the utmost professional standards. 

We don't believe in animal testing as shibali supports cruelty free.

We provide sustainable packaging, biodegradable ingredients and recyclable containers, all helping to reduce the impacts on the environment.

Shibali products are

- Sulphate, paraben, gluten, nut and marine free

- Nano particle, talc & phthalate free

- Toluene & formaldehyde free

- pH Balanced & Vegan friendly

- Cruelty free

Shibali ~ Continuously moving forward with both nature and science, constantly caring for you and your skin as well as our Mother Earth.