Hey Leonie,
Wanted to let you know Bella (our fur baby) had scratched her leg and made a sore. I used your itchy spray over two days and it has healed nicely. It soothed her straight away and she stopped scratching. This is a miracle product. Love you xoxox Rach 

 Leonie! Your perfume body oil is beautiful. Thankyou so very much for sending my parcel quickly. I have sent your oil off in my present bundle to my special friend, for her birthday and now I am going to order one for myself and a moisturiser too!
Regards Helena xo

Hi Leonie,

Just a few words about your fantastic 'anti itch' spray.

I have a recurrent problem with psoriasis, and the itch can be quite unbearable.

Enter your soothing spray, and 'Voila' . . .  Sudden Comfort !

THANK YOU, and keep up the good work ! 🙂

Best regards,



 Thankyou Leonie for your products, they are perfect and making great progress with healing my very troubled skin. Cant wait to try your powder mask next! Cheers Alicia x 
NotzBeGone; It smells beautiful like sweet lemons!  Leonie Moxon: makes make up , hair care= shampoo, conditioner and NoztBeGone detangle.
I love my aunty leonie for making me them things. Then I won't get nits.
love Amber <3  9yrs old, NSW 

 The feeling of induced nausea and headaches from constant pain. Sharp shooting, jolting spears through to the niggling annoying grind that my body bears each day. Swollen joints, swollen hands & feet, having your body dictate to you for what you must wear. I know what it is like to have sore bones and muscles, to have aches & pains all over, not being able to move as pain is unbearable. To take a deep breath, cough or laugh, catching between the shoulder blades. Major joints stiff and sore and muscles trying to protect and compensate. Hands and feet; too gingerly sore to hold or take grip of the simple door handle, through displaced fingers; walking on the sides of your feet as placing your foot down and taking a, what we call a normal step is too painful to bear. I have the disease named Rheumatoid Arthritis.  
 The Shibali Heat & Relief Crème™ for me is exactly that! It provides warm gentle heat that deeply penetrates through my muscles & down into the depths of my bones, gaining relief & comfort. It's a must have for me!  It enables a peaceful night sleep helping to provide a functional body the next day. I also use the Heat & Relief Crème™ to kick start my day & because of its gentle aspects I’m able to carry on my normal activities without the burn factor!  Adding to the empowerment of the Shibali Heat & Relief Crème™ is the fact it has the ability to aid in the relief of sports injuries from grown men to women, from adolescence to children. My whole family uses this cream for one reason or another and each finds relief and comfort.  I use a small amount and massage into the area that requires attention and massage until the Heat & Relief Crème™ is fully absorbed. If I need more I take a little more and go again. I developed the Shibali Heat & Relief Crème™ through a sheer desperate plea of helping to soothe the chronic crippling pain provoked by rheumatoid arthritis, it’s not a cure, but it certainly provides the relief & comfort  that I require for some normality in my life.      
Leonie Moxon, Shibali Pty Ltd

  I am a salon owner and use the Shibali Hair Care Range. As a hairdresser I only use products that benefit my clients & I feel Shibali offers these results. From the Shampoos & Conditioners to the styling products such as the Soufflé, these products are amazing & the feedback I get from my customers about their hair after I have used the product range on them is wonderful. They cannot believe an all natural, locally made & produced product could make their hair feel as good as it does! My most loved product would be the Rebuild Shine Hair Spa Treatment; it brings your hair back to life!  Roxanne     
  A Cut Above, Werris Creek NSW

  The Shibali Serum is my favourite! After using the facial products my skin feels totally refreshed, from a deep cleansing to a clearing facial treatment, my skin is ultra smooth and 70 years young!  The Sprtizer  is magically revitalizing, loving the products!  About Heat & Relief Crème™; I consistently use this crème in my clients’ therapies and continuously receive outstanding results. 
Thanks Shibali!
Pat from Marvellous Massage, Tamworth, NSW

  My husband was recommended the Shibali Heat and Relief Crème™ for a back injury he was receiving   treatment for. He found the cream very good for helping relieve the muscular pain. I have a son who cannot use many creams as he has reactions to a lot of things and suffers from eczema on parts of his body. Had tried all sorts of creams on my son when he done a shoulder injury only to have to put him in the shower screaming. My husband suggested the Heat and Relief Crème™. I was worried about trying yet another cream but to our surprise, there was no reaction at all. We continue to use Heat and Relief Crème for all our Muscular complaints. Protect Thermal Spray is beautiful. It not only removes tangles but leaves the hair feeling and smelling lovely. I use this regularly in my hairdressing salon. Truth or Dare® Body Lotion is a product I purchased for my elderly mother for a present. I loved the moisture it puts into her skin so much I use it myself. The lotion is light, but full of moisture.I look forward to trying many more of the products in the Shibali range.  
Sharon Prendergast,
Buildwise Certification / SBC Building Inspections, Tamworth NSW 0267 603420

  The mask is great! Love the thickness and smell, very fresh! A nice soothing cream that feels silky when smoothing it on. Also my boyfriend didn’t have any trouble when using it on his skin, decreased a lot of the redness (roseaca) on his face. We love this product! 
Em, NSW 

  Hi there, firstly want to say thank you.  Must tell you, some of my friends have made comments about my skin, saying how good it looks!  I told them about the Shibali creams that I am using and they have asked for the shibali website.  I have really liked the creams and the fragrance, they are non greasy and feel good!  My daughter as well is keen to order some products. Thank you Shibali for making a difference to my skin. 
Sue, NSW

  A while ago I dislocated my shoulder and every now and then it pains me, so much that I can’t compete in water polo carnivals, play hockey, or train. When my mother introduced the Shibali ‘Heat and Relief Crème’ to me I discovered that it relieved the pain. I now use it when ever I come across muscle soreness in my limbs. With Adolescence comes many pimples and I suffered from so many that I was embarrassed to go out. I began using the Shibali skin care, especially the Intensive Cleansing Gel; since I have been using these products my skin has cleared up so much that I am beginning to love my skin, - something I never used to do. Another product from Shibali I regularly use is the Truth or Dare® Pure Mineral Liquid Lip gloss, curing my wind chaffed lips extremely quickly. The final Shibali product I constantly used is the Shampoo and Conditioner. When I was younger my sister made fun of my hair because it was so oily all the time, but now I receive many complements on the colour, shine and curl (ringlets) of my hair. Thank you Shibali, I am so glad I found your company.
Hannah 15, Tamworth NSW

  My Mum bought me Shibali soufflé to spike my hair “Now I am cool for school.”
Tom B. NSW

  My boyfriend has been using the Shibali shampoo and conditioner for his very curly hair and itchy scalp. His hair is now tamed actually goes into ringlets and the shine.I have never seen it shine before so this is a bonus and the itchy scalp doesn’t itch anymore. Thank you Shibali, seeing the change in my boyfriend’s hair I had started to use the hair care and skin care and I love it too.
Tammy, Brisbane QLD

  Just wanted to write u a quick msg to tell you how much I appreciated my Shibali Truth or Dare® skin care package. I’ve been so lazy with my skin lately and as soon as I got your stuff I started using it twice a day and I’ve already noticed such a difference. My face is feeling so much smoother and it smells fantastic.
Thank you so much,
love Kaitlin QLD

  I have been a Shibali devotee for a few years now and would like to let the world know just how remarkable I think your product is. Firstly, I was introduced to Shibali’s “NitzBeGone®” product and my 2 sons have used it throughout their primary school years with unrivalled success to other ‘off the shelf’ nit removal brands. As a family, we grew from the “NitzBeGone®” treatment products to the vast majority of our hair and beauty products being “Shibali”. Since the age of 18 years, I have used ‘top shelf’ beauty products on my skin. However, since being introduced to Shibali, I can honestly say I have no intention to returning to such over-rated/over-priced beauty products ever again. I am now 43 years of age and since using Shibali I can honestly say, my skin has never felt so healthy. I used to suffer terribly from dandruff and psoriasis of the scalp, but since using the Balance & Shine shampoo and Shine & Care conditioner, I no longer endure the embarrassment of snow on my shoulders whilst living in tropical north Queensland. I have gone on to recommend Shibali to all my family and friends, whom all have had wonderful success. I am also more than happy to approach relative strangers to let them know of this incredible chemical free product that suits a variety of male and female skin types. Subsequently, I have witnessed firsthand how Shibali has turned the red angry skin of a 15 year old girl and within the space of a few hours see a new person emerge having had a Shibali facial. I was flabbergasted! I saw the same girl several months later and almost didn’t recongnise her – her skin was clean and I saw a beautiful girl and not a sore, red acne-riddled face. Furthermore, the confidence of my nephews, one aged 14 in Tamworth, and the other 16 years in Brisbane, has sky-rocketed since using Shibali.  I LOVE Shibali! The results simply speak for themselves. Thank you for such an amazing product.
Yours sincerely,

  Love the face cream Moisture Hydrate & Repair reminds me of the beach.
Nat, NSW

  Dear Shibali, I just wanted to let you know how much I and my Childcare Parents love your head lice treatment products. As a childcare worker I have seen my fair share of head lice over the years, and used many products. We all used your NitzBeGone® products and have found that it is the best for a quick and easy treatment, the child can return to care the next day, clear and smelling great, your products make their hair clean, soft and shiny.
Thank you so much for introducing up to the huge select of easy to use
head lice treatment products.
Family DayCare Carer, NSW

  I had the experience of using the product NitzBeGone® after dealing with a recurring nit outbreak on my five year old daughter. Over a period of approximately ten weeks I was using a product which I thought was very effective, but could not gain control of the condition. Used NitzBeGone® on my daughter with great success. The paste was applied thoroughly and combed through, a cap applied for a specific time limit. During this time period there was no complaint of smell, itching or burning of the scalp from my daughter. The paste was washed out with the adult nits, then NotzBeGone® applied with the fine nit comb. The removal of the eggs was repeated daily with a spray of the NotzBeGone® until seven days had lapsed and all eggs were removed. With daily application of the spray the nits have not returned. This could not have been achieved without the professionalism of Shibali. The treatment involved through education of the life cycle and breeding habits of a nit and how to break this cycle within a seven day period. It also involved the visual education of the treatment of the hair with the products, how to comb through the hair with the nit comb by sections (not putting the comb in the front of the hair at the forehead and going all the way to the end of the hair down the back in one stroke), and what the nits and eggs looked like that I was searching for in the hair. My daughter’s hair was left clean and shining, healthy and free of nits.
Yours Sincerely,
Alison Hofman, NSW

  I play a lot of sport and I carry muscle soreness and injuries in my back, shoulders and ankles. Shibali fixes the pain right away! I got to know about this ‘Heat and Relief Crème™ when I sprained my left ankle playing in our netball semi-final. I was in a cast for a week. When the doctor said I could walk on it again, it still hurt a lot and Panadol and Nurofen only masked the pain. I used the ‘Heat and Relief Crème’, and found that it gave a huge relief. As I am a competitive swimmer and do a lot of hours at training, I suffer from muscle soreness and stiffness. I have found that the Shibali Heat & Relief Crème eases the pain and promotes quicker healing. Now I take it with me everywhere, like my swimming carnivals, water polo comps, netball and hockey. Shibali ‘Heat and Relief Crème™’ is the best pain reliever I have ever used.
Marlee Byrnes, Tamworth NSW

  My grandson is doing so well with the products and so are the girls with their thick hair. Thank you for your wonderful product and we’ll look forward to your next visit.  
Cheers Helen, QLD

  The products are working great on my skin, especially at night when I apply a larger amount on my problem areas using the Blemish Repair Paste. At times my skin becomes inflamed from teenage hormones; this is when I love the Blemish Repair Paste the most.
  Holley, QLD

  The Shibali products have been instrumental in the revival of my damaged hair.  After continuous perming through many years my hair had become dull and unmanageable. The long lasting Shibali products from the shampoo and conditioner through to the Protect Thermal Spray and Soufflé have rejuvenated my lifeless hair to shiny and healthy once again. I forever trust these products.
 Lyn Mansfield,  NSW

  The Shibali ranges of products are just divine. As an musician, I am constantly straightening, then curling, then washing, then blow drying, then straightening my hair, and the Shibali  'Protect Thermal Spray' product has been a godsend. It helps protect my hair and keep it looking shiny.  My other favourite product is the 'Blemish Repair Paste'. There is nothing worse than having a huge pimple pop up the day before the Golden Guitar Awards, but lucky for me, the Blemish Repair Paste virtually made it disappear. Thanks Shibali, I love the stuff!!!  
Amber Lawrence 
Australian Country Music Singer and Song Writer

  When I found out Shibali were putting up their website I needed to say a few words. Thank you Shibali you have actually changed my morning and nightly ritual. It’s now so simple!! I have very oily hair, one would describe as greasy, so I use Balance and Shine shampoo and conditioner. I am the dryer and straightened queen, so I use every morning protect thermal spray and a dab of soufflé on my ends for control of the fluffiness I can get, even though I have the classical oily hair. Now I am looking forward to trying the Truth or Dare® skin care and mineral makeup. Thank you again Shibali. All my family, friends and workmates comment on how bouncy and shiny my hair is. I have never had this much attention and to tell you the truth “I don’t mind it at all”.
Mia, QLD

   Dear Shibali, Just to let you know that your efforts recently to help the children were very much appreciated not only by the family but by the school as well.
 Thank you regards,
St Joseph’s principal and staff, NSW

  Having a child with eczema you are prepared to try anything. After years of trips to the chemist, a cupboard full of products, we were starting to believe she would just have to live with it. Following a terrible bout of eczema on my daughters face, I rang Leonie and she suggested trying the Shibali natural shampoo and conditioner on her hair. Since using these products, my daughter has had no more eczema on her face or anywhere else!  We are also big fans of the  NotzBeGone® Detangle. This makes doing hair in the morning so easy for me, and so pain free for her. Also as she is a keen swimmer (swimming up to four times a week) we have no nasty chlorine green colour in her hair! I would not hesitate recommending these products to anyone and I am confident we will continue to use them. 
Thank you Shibali 
Kim Ford, Tamworth NSW

  Saint Joseph’s School is most grateful for the caring manner in which Shibali attended to a sensitive need of one of our school families. The children had been suffering a perpetual bout of re- infestation of head lice. Shibali offered their expert knowledge, advice, using the product NitzBeGone® they had developed for the treatment of head lice. The family welcomed Shibali’s assistance in eradicating all traces of head lice from the children’s hair and their home environment by treating the children’s hair together with giving information on washing of all bedding, towels and linen with their product. Saint Joseph’s School commends Shibali on the sensitive caring and discrete manner in which they so generously and graciously came to the aid of one of our school families.
Jayne Betts
Assistant Principal, NSW

  Playing lots of hockey and other sports, my muscles can get sore. But using the Shibali Heat & Relief Crème™ has helped a lot.  I put it on basically anywhere on my body. I also enjoy using the skincare range -it helps to keep my skin clear and clean.  
Dana Constable 13yrs old, Tamworth NSW

  About NotzBeGone® detangle; The spray mum uses on my very curly hair saves my tears. Mum can do my hair quicker and it smells like fruit.
Hollie Constable 9yrs old,  Tamworth NSW

  My Dads a mechanic and his hair always smells like grease from the cars. Mum and I were getting a haircut one day, we overheard a hairdresser telling her client that her husband uses the all natural Gentle and Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner- “great for mechanics hair” we heard. So my mum and I bought some. My Dad tried it and actually likes it; we didn’t know my Dad didn’t like his smelly hair either.
Bec Newington, NSW

  Shibali, I have loved your Shampoo products, finally run out 2 days ago, just short of 3 months. Being back to the store and bought stuff!  Another product, made me realize how special your product is. 
Thank you Shibali 
Deb, Canada

  My name is Michele Zaicov; I have worked in the make-up industry for 20 years, working in Photography studios, salons, wedding parties and fashion shoots.  In this time I have had the opportunity to try top quality make-up products and pride myself in using only the best, Truth or Dare Pure® Mineral make-up has proven to be that.  I now use Truth or Dare® on all my customers and would not think of using anything else, many of my customers have commented on how Truth or Dare Pure® Mineral powder foundation gives an amazing coverage but leaves the skin feeling light and fresh without that heavy mask like feeling unlike other foundations can give. Not only that but Truth or Dare Pure® Mineral make-up is made of pure minerals without any added chemicals or talc unlike other brands, Truth or Dare® stays true to their word, this has been wonderful for my customers with allergies and sensitive skin, they now have a product that they can use safely without worrying about flare ups. The range of products from Truth or Dare® is fantastic, it has everything from eye shadows, mascara, lip gloss, bronzers and more, plus the range of colours are modern and match most skin tones. I love using Truth or Dare Pure® Mineral makeup it has my tick of approval and my customers cannot get enough of it and I would not dream of using anything else. The Truth is you will love it! I Dare you to try it! 
 Michele Zaicov.
Make-up artist, Stylist and Truth or Dare® addict.

  It was suggested to me to buy the Truth or Dare® Mineral Liquid Lip Gloss just the shimmer one for my always chaffed lips (treat my lips whilst having a shimmer). I’m impressed, it did just that, I no longer have chaffed lips. I went back to try the coloured glosses that I now use every day. Being caught out in the wind for a full day, I ended up with a split lip, so I pulled out my coloured liquid lips and applied it to my lips, in a day and a half later my split lip was mended, split lip no longer! I am so impressed I ordered one in every colour.
Sarah Ford, Yamba NSW

  I have found the NitzBeGone® products easy and effective to use. Two treatments with the head lice paste eliminated a problem we had been trying to control for many months. I now use the shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis and the condition of my daughter’s hair has increased dramatically. We have also not had a reoccurrence of nits.
Thank you,
Elissa, NSW

  Thank you Shibali for eradicating all traces of head lice from the children’s hair and their home environment. Saint Joseph’s School commends on your products and efforts.
Jayne Betts, Assistant Principal

  First time I used the Shibali shampoo I found it to be completely different to what I was used to, the more I used it the more I liked the shampoo and conditioner moisture & repair. Now I absolutely love it! I converted my husband over to it for his wiry hair. Now we both can’t live without it. I have no hesitation in recommending this moisture & repair shampoo and conditioner.
Ella Brisbane, QLD

  The products are working great on my skin, especially at night when I apply a larger amount on my problem areas using the Blemish Repair Paste. At times my skin becomes inflamed from teenage hormones; this is when I love the Blemish Repair Paste the most.
Victoria, QLD

  I am a vegetarian. I care about I put on my skin, I also care about the environment and do what I can. I was overwhelmed to find the company Shibali and what they could offer me with their skin products, hair products and mineral makeup. Even kabuki brush, which I just love the softness of, is vegan compatible. Thank you Shibali you cater to all my needs, I love all of your products.
Sammy, Armidale NSW