Anti-itch Lotion

Anti-itch Lotion

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Have dry scalp or irritated skin? Looking for a natural mozzie repellant?

Shibali Anti-itch Lotion is this. It’s a non-greasy and non-sticky, moisturising and cooling lotion for dry scalps, skin and bites.            

Shibalis’ unique formula of Vitamins E and A, Omegas 3, 6 and 9, provide a saturation of moisture properties adding calming and soothing effects to your irritated scalp and or skin. This is a wonderful product for all skin and scalp types.             

Apply to soothe: hives, insect bites, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.  

Contributing to our marvel anti-itch lotion, it’s also perfect as a mozzie repellant thus being a safer alternative to chemically loaded repellants.  Has no offensive odours or stickiness. Just apply when needed.

Complementing products: Revitalizing Scalp Scrub & Soothing Scalp Spray.

Special features: Vegan compatible; free from animal components and not tested on animals.  Sulphate, paraben, gluten and nut-free. No artificial colours or fragrances. Eco friendly

Client Boast…

I have been using the Shibali anti-itch lotion just as a repellant for years now and every summer I feel blessed to not be applying the unnecessary chemicals to family’s or my own body. Living and breathing healthier. Thanks. Trisha North Coast NSW