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Emergency Repair Paste

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Shibali Emergency Repair Paste is a nourishing treatment complete with proteins, moisture, vitamins and minerals, adding the balance and restructure to your hair making it perfect for everyday to extreme damage of the hair and scalp. Whether hair damage is caused by daily wear and tear, environment or chemical services, this indulging treatment retakes control of your hair; rebuilds and repairs the hair shaft and regains the natural bounce with soft silky and shiny ends.     

Helps to calm naturally frizzy hair types. Treatment can be used weekly. Successfully tried and tested in salon hair and scalp treatments. 

Usage: Weekly to every fortnight; a 20 minute treatment wrapped in with shower cap and hand towel.          

Benefits: Emergency Repair Paste is free from; sulphates, parabens, gluten, nut derivatives and silicones. Does not contain; artificial colouring or synthetic fragrances.


Client Boasts…                                         

Having frizzy cork screw hair, treatments are a must have and a must do!  The Shibali Emergency Repair Paste has been a wonder with taming my hair, i use the trio products every week together and the results are amazing. Thank you Shibali K NSW