Everyday Skin Care Starter Kit 02
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Everyday Skin Care Starter Kit 02

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Anti-ageing; suitable for mature, dry and sensitive skin types.

Skin peace and tranquility brought to you by Shibali… take guard against harmful and ageing free radicals!

Start your skincare regime with our beautiful Shibali skincare products consisting of our unique, organic formulations designed for anti-ageing.

It’s never too late to start using skin care and this is certainly an excellent way to pamper and treat your skin. Compatible for normal, dry, sensitive and mature skin types. Use as directed.

·         Gentle Cleansing Lotion 120ml

·         Organic Spritzer Toner 120ml

·         Moisture Hydrate & Repair 50gm

·         Eye Crème Moisture & Support 15ml

 Facial cloth whilst stocks last.

For further complementing products see, Gentle Facial Exfoliant, Serum Support & Repair & Masque Moisture Facial Bath. 

Special features: Sulphate, paraben and gluten free.  No nut derivatives.  Vegan compatible.  No artificial colouring. Non-comedogenic.  Women & men compatible.

Client Boasts…

My husband used and appreciated my Shibali skincare so much I bought him his own Shibali products… works wonders on his fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks Shibali Michelle NSW