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Heat & Relief Crème

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Hi there, Feeling a little bit sore and sorry?

Are the bones creaky and your muscles tired and lacking energy and don't want to hold you up? 😕

Try our Shibali’s heat and relief creme.  Certainly a helpful gem providing relief in more ways than one. 

Helps to aid relief in chronic pain . Arthritis pain and discomfort . Joint and muscles soreness . Aids in calming inflammation . Helps to soothe bruising . Restless legs . Night /day muscle cramping . Abdominal cramping . Colds and flu . Hot vapour bath and toxin extraction . Cooling Bite effects . The list goes on and on!! 

Shibali’s heat & relief creme transports a gentle and deep, warm heat with cooling effects that enables you to get back up and going again, looking after your best interests and aiding your body to be able to move. Believe me, as a chronic rheumatoid suffer, I know how important this is! 

Our Heat & relief creme, is made from all natural ingredients, using the highest quality and the very best for our customers. Give it a go. Try our heat & relief. It's loved vast and wide; many, many people continue to be helped by our Shibali’s heat & relief creme. It's comfort and soothing before bed or starting your day, either one, it's there. It’s your little friend to aid you anytime when in discomfort. The friend that we take everywhere in shower totes, sports bags, travel bags, sometimes even the handbag. Give it a go!!!

Call me or jump online for yours. I Look forward to seeing you and popping our little stars ✨heat & relief creme✨ out to you soon. See you then. Love & sunshine, Cheers Leonie. Xx

From me…

The Shibali Heat & Relief Crème for me is exactly that!  It provides warm gentle heat that deeply penetrates through my muscles and down into the depths of my bones gaining relief and comfort. It's a must have for me! It enables a peaceful night sleep helping to provide a functional body the next day. I also use the Heat & Relief Crème to kick start my day and because of its gentle aspects i am able to carry on my normal activities without the burn factor!  Adding to the empowerment of our Heat & Relief Crème is the fact it has the ability to aid in the relief of sports injuries from grown men to women, from adolescences to children. My whole family uses this cream for one reason or another and each one finds relief and comfort.  Enjoy!

Cheers Leonie Moxon