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We are here for phone and online orders. For now, sadly our Shibali Studio is unavailable for visits, however, we are still here, popping out your Shibali favourites! 

We continue to offer our free delivery to Tamworth residents. If you do need to collect please phone me prior, for an arrangement of order collection. As soon as payment is made your order is dispatched whilst stocks available, back-orders available too. 
Doing our due diligence in taking all precautions and following all regulations for your safety and well-being including mine and family’s; personally for myself being immune-compromised puts a different meaning to each day with covid19.  Though, if you do need any help at all with our sanitisers or any other products please feel free to contact me.  I am here for you. Lxx

*A Little Bit About Shibali Sanitisers *

Our Shibali hand sanitisers are amazingly comfortable on your skin, one would say a real saviour for all hands! There is NO water needed, no rinsing, absolutely no fuss.      Kills 99.9% of germs.
Both Shibali gel and spray allows great skin coverage and adherence, has moisture properties and a little goes a long way. Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. Provides longer lasting skin protection, shelve life, higher alcohol and anti-bacterial and anti-germ properties, KILLS germs fast!  Easy to wash off.

Free from Sulphate, paraben, glutens, silicones, synthetics, marine and nut derivatives.
Vegan. No animal derivatives, cruelty-free

Men love the sanitiser spray. Ladies love the gel. Both are awesome to wear.
Australian made. Australian owned.
Eco friendly. Recyclable.

The 50ml is perfect for the handbag, car, lunchbox, pocket etc. Only need to use the size of a 5 cent piece making it extremely affordable.
Spray 1-2 pumps.

Spray and gel: apply a small amount to hands and rub in well until dry and no stickiness. Both leave a protective coating on the hands as well as killing any germs that may be present.                                                                                                        Our larger gel bottles we recommend applying 1/2 a pump size to hands - larger hands may need 1 pump size applied. Rub in until dry. 

Taking orders, phone and online. 
Take care and keep safe. Cheers Leonie X


Clients Boast:

Shibali hand sanitizer is so gentle on my and my son's hands and it smells amazing as well! Shana NSW

Thank you for the beautiful Shibali hand sanitiser, it’s beautiful! Jess QLD

It is a lovely product and feels good on your hands. Debbie NSW

When the Corona Virus hit we couldn't buy any sanitizer anywhere then Shibali came to the rescue. We ordered the 62% Gel & 72% Hand Spray Sanitizer...Fantastic, easy to use, fragrance is lovely and is great for your hands. Then came Shibali's Surface Spray, We love all of these products and have our parents using them as well.  J O FORD 4EvaKeepsakes Gunnedah NSW 

I am a Physiotherapist who had to stop work when Covid19 struck.  Thanks to the dedication of the Shibali team who rallied and produced a large quantity of sanitizer that got me up and running and allowed other businesses in Gunnedah to stay open. Nurses, personal care assistants, bank tellers, paramedics, and meals on wheels workers of Gunnedah are all indebted to Shibali, thank you!

On a personal note as a physio I have struggled at times with dermatitis because of frequent hand washing. So the thought of constant sanitizing during this covid19 crisis was daunting to say the least. 2 months down the track using Shibali hand sanitiser dozens of times a day hands are going really well due to the beautiful added caring ingredients. The Shibali surface sanitiser spray is a God send for my practice assisting me to stay open and offer my services to my clients. Bernadette McEvoy Physiotherapy  Gunnedah NSW

Superior products as always, expect nothing less. ThankYou Xx Laney Scott-Young QLD 

Thank, Shibali for your gel sanitiser, I have been using for over a week now without any reactions at all, this I  am grateful for as I am an eczema sufferer. Smells great too. Thank You Helen Sydney NSW

We are blessed to have Shibali's sanitisers for our very helpful hands, we use both gel and spray to help look after ourselves and our elderly folk and the best bit is there is no skin dryness or reactions. We are super happy with our sanitisers and would highly recommend Shibali and their products to anyone wanting such fabulous products. Thanks Shibali, keep up the great work, we love your products. Julie NSW 

My hubby has been using your Shibali sanitiser spray, larger size bottle for more than 7 weeks now, 2-3 sprays to his big hands, at least 10 times a day and isn't even a third of the way through the bottle, as well with NO skin reactions as normally he would suffer eczema and dermatitis. Hubby is amazed by your sanitiser spray, great quality and great value.  Thanks Shibali, Tamworth Tradie NSW

As always superb quality products. Love Love Love your sanitiser gel. Thanks. Tracey VIC

Thanks, heaps Shibali, definitely the most affordable way to go!  Nat NSW