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Moisture & Repair Shampoo

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Many dry irritated scalps are from stress in our lives. Shibali’s Moisture & Repair Shampoo is not only designed for the utmost care of your hair, it attends to your scalp as well. Through therapeutic ingredients and aromatic fragrances our shampoo provides you with uplifting effects to your senses, helping to ease scalp tension and promoting a peaceful and scalp calming sensation.                                                                             

This superb shampoo offers bountiful nourishment with vitamins, minerals, omegas and proteins. It aids with the replenishment of repair to your hair and scalp. Deposits soothing properties to irritated and inflamed dry, flakey scalp types. Refreshes the hair with moisture and repair, providing greater manageability through gaining control and ease of styling.

Compatible for everyday care -dry and damaged, porous hair.

Benefits: Repair & shine. Manageable hair. Colour lock. Economical. Moisture, vitamin & mineral boost.

Special features: Does not contain sulphates or parabens, silicones, marine or gluten derivatives. 

Client Boasts…             

'I thought there would never be a compatible shampoo for my frizzy cork screw hair, until I tried the Shibali Moisture & Repair Range. Shibali has taught me how to take care of my scalp and hair through using the correct product to the correct product usage.  It's never been so easy!  I love the fact the Shibali products are sulphate, paraben and gluten free, this has made a huge difference to my scalp and hair. My scalp feels clean and stays clean for longer and finally my frizzy cork screw hair has been tamed!  Thank you Shibali!'