NitzBeGone HeadLice & Egg Removal Comb

NitzBeGone HeadLice & Egg Removal Comb

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Our NitzBeGone head lice & egg removal comb is for fast and an effective method of use. Compliments NitzBeGone treatment and our NotzBeGone detangle. 

Exclusively designed for Shibali, our head lice comb is made from high quality materials. It's sturdy and compact, ready for any time of use, promoting an easy glide action. Suitable for all hair types.

·         Fast and effective

·         Easy to use and clean

Client Boasts...  

Some how i managed to contract headlice?  through travel and working closely with people i guess, well i got them and Ooooh disgusting!! my first thoughts, horrified!  Living by myself, not sure how to approach the situation, i knew about NITZBEGONE so i phoned Shibali and asked for help.  They recommended and posted the treatment kit.  Must say the favourite part was the use of the NitzBeGone headlice comb and it's removal process... extremely gratifying and sure a huge relief  to see the lice and eggs gone from my hair.  Thanks Shibali  Michelle