NitzBeGone Shampoo

NitzBeGone Shampoo

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NitzBeGone shampoo aids in the breakdown of the glue like bonds and nits attached to the hair shaft; thus aiding in the effective removal of head lice eggs.

Shibali not only cares for the complete removal of head lice from your family, we care about the condition of their hair and scalp left from and cause by head lice cycle destruction.

Having head lice can be highly irritating to the scalp causing inflammation and discomfort. Our shampoo is full of nourishment, soothing and repairing ingredients including anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties for relief, comfort and healing. 

Easy to use and no stinky smells 

Light & Refreshing 

pH balanced

Sulphate, paraben, gluten & nut free

Australian made and owned

Not tested on animals