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Organic Spritzer Toner

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Anti-ageing; suitable for mature, dry and sensitive skin types.

Organic Spritzer Toner; Rose indulgence and cucumber freshness. Our gorgeous formulation, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omegas and 100% alcohol free.

Consisting of organic and botanical extracts; plant derivatives places it in its purest form & gives the skin a very comfortable feeling with so many benefits, restoring the skins equilibrium and balancing the natural pH.

Toner; Provides skin calming of inflammation redness, removes any makeup residue, excess oils or bacteria left behind, without the stripping and drying properties exacerbating oil glands. This is an excellent formulation for mature, dry and sensitive skin types.

Spritzer; Revitalise your skin when travelling / flying or sport.  Can even be used over makeup. Wonderful for an uplifting and skin refresher throughout the day, a great one to pop in handbag or sports bag and simply spritz as needed.

Benefits: Our Shibali Organic Spritzer Toner scavenges for free radicals, helps to restore renewed youthfulness.


Special features: Vegan friendly. Alcohol, Sulphate and Paraben free. Gluten, Nut and Colour free. No animal testing and Eco friendly.