Revitalizing Scalp Scrub

Revitalizing Scalp Scrub

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Do you suffer from tight or irritated, acne or dry & flakey scalp?  At Shibali we can help.

Soothe, moisturise, revitalize and relax your scalp with the use of our Shibali special care range.

Revitalizing Scalp Scrub helps to gently remove; dry, dead and flakey skin cells that sit on your scalp and throughout your hair. At the same time, our scalp scrub invigorates fresh blood flow increasing healthier circulation revitalizing your scalps’ comfort.

Also helps to clear acne scalps unclogging blocked pores and follicles allowing your scalp to breathe; in turn, heals as well as stimulates new hair growth.  

By using our wonderful Revitalizing Scalp Scrub your scalp and hair maintenance shall be easier to achieve and retain.  This is a fantastic product for psoriasis and or any other dry flakey scalp/ skin condition. Is rich in skin and scalp healing plant vitamins, minerals and omegas. Can also be applied as a mini scalp mask, softening flakes and skin build-up, making it easier to remove. Use as often as needed. Follow as directed.  

Complementing products: Shibali Anti-itch Lotion & Scalp Soothing Spray.

Special features: Revitalizing Scalp Scrub is free from sulphates, parabens, gluten and nut derivatives. Does not contain artificial colouring or fragrances. Is Vegan compatible; containing no animal constituents and no animal testing.

Client Boasts…

Always having had to deal with the dreaded flakey scalp problem, induced from stress and eczema. Through Shibali I have found relief!  I use the Shibali revitalizing scalp scrub, with the moisture & repair range, along with the Shibali complementing special care products when needed. The revitalizing scalp scrub; using a small amount removes the dry dead flakey skin off my scalp, I then use the Moisture & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, which adds the moisture and repair to my scalp, followed only when I need extra moisture and anti-itch relief, I use the Shibali anti-itch lotion and soothing spray. I have found this to be such a success and an integral part in dealing with the flakey scalp problem. I also find the Shibali products are easy, informative and economical to use. Thanks Shibali.  NSW