Therapeutic Cream

Therapeutic Cream

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Our creamy soft, light weight therapeutic cream is all about skin repair. dreamingly drenched in herbaceous and anti-bacteria infusions delivering the perfect healing cream for all skin-types, especially dry, scaly, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and itchy irritated skin. 

This wonderful skin beauty is super healthy and rich in its deliverance on skin mantel repair, not only to be applied to dry skin areas on your body but can additionally be applied from head to toe, where you are helping to regaining a healthier skin mantel and in turn healthier skin barrier.

Our therapeutic cream is safe to use on all skin, ages and gender. 

Special features: Organic and Vegan friendly; no animal components and no animal testing. No sulphates, parabens or glutens. Free from nut derivatives, talc and nano particals.


Client Boasts...


Thank You Leonie. My mother has been driven insane with a skin itch and your cream is the only thing that has helped her. Mia x

I did what you suggested for me to do and apply your therapeutic cream as an eye mask. Oh bless you are an angel. The relief I have received is outstanding. Thankyou, no more dark baggies. P.s I have just put an order in for your eye cream to use daily, I've heard great results of this one too.  Jeanee