Truth or Dare Body Scrub

Truth or Dare Body Scrub

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An uplifting and smoothing experience!  Remove those dead skin cells and let your skin come alive!

Excellent for pre-tanning. Truth or Dare provides a moisturising and luxurious body scrub with vitamin E, pumice and jojoba spheres to slough away dead skin cells allowing your skin to breathe, providing you with a fresher and healthier glow.

Our body exfoliant soothes and smoothes rough skin, preparing it for moisturisation. Use when required to restore the balance to your skin.

Complementing products: Truth or Dare Body Wash, Gentle Tan Lotion, Body Lotion & Perfume Body Oil.

Special features: Sulphate, paraben, nut and gluten free. Vegan & Eco friendly. Not tested on animals.