Truth or Dare Deluxe Brush Set

Truth or Dare Deluxe Brush Set

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Our Truth or Dare Deluxe Brush Set with purse contains all the tools for a professional makeup; eight (8) brushes… we have you covered!

Your makeup will blend and cover areas efficiently with the ability to define and contour, blending your mineral makeup with the natural oils of your skin, creating a gorgeous natural complexion with full even coverage. It enables you to mix & blend colours, creating your own individual makeup design.

Using makeup brushes is a sanitary way to apply your makeup. The quality and type of brush will affect your makeup application. Feel confident you are using the best quality vegan compatible brushes. For harmonious skin, our brushes consist of feathery soft synthetic brush heads. No animal components.

Deluxe brush set contains:

♥ Truth or Dare Purse - Holds all brushes, compartmentalised with a zip pocket for pallets, mascaras, lip sticks and glosses… whatever your choice. Stud closure.

Kabuki Brush - Bevelled, for powders, foundation application and bronzing

Blush Brush - For powders, blush application and contouring, shades and blends

Eye Shading Brush - Eye shadow - Paddle shaped, for all formulas, shades eyes, contours and blends.

Small Angle Brush - Brow definer - Angled tip, for all formulas, lines eyes, shapes and shades brows.

Smudge Brush - Rectangular/oval shape, for powders/creams, blends and contours.

Eye/Lip Liner Brush - Fine tipped, for liquids/ creams, lines eyes/lips.

Blending Brush - Concealer - Rounded, for powders, contours and blends. shadow.

Eye Lash / Brow brush - Defines and sculpts lashes/brows.