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Perfume Body Oil

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Shibali's Perfume Body Oil is Luxurious in every way, moisture providing with carefully chosen light oils for non oily residue hydration and repair of the skin.  An organic and botanical blend. Indulging oil fragrances seeping down deeply into the pores allowing aromatic lingering of ylang ylang and ginger.  A creamy smooth oil texture of vitamins, minerals and omegas brings tranquility to tight and dry dehydrated skin.   For the pure opulence of our perfume body oil massage into your skin directly after showering.

Complementing products: Our gorgeous organic Body Scrubs, Hand Body Wash and Hand Body Lotion for perfume layering.

Special features: Cruelty free. Vegan friendly, eco friendly and no animal testing.  Free from; sulphate, paraben, gluten, nut, and olive.


From Leonie. 

"From medication, anti-ageing, menopause, weather inducing; winter & summer comforts; dry skin eat your heart out! 

There are so many aspects to everyday elements that can cause dry itchy skin. For me dry skin is most apparent through changes of arthritis medication, at night is when I notice it more; the time when sleep is essential. If only you could unzip your birthday suit and hang it up for the evening that would solve all problems of dry and dehydrated skin. I absolutely love our Shibali Dare Body Oil; this is another one of my favourite products… no more dry skin and the best part – it’s perfumed! I apply a small amount to clean, pat dry skin, massage until absorbed, can be added to bath time. Or you’re feeling you may want to indulging a little perfume layering… perfect!  Enjoy!" X